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We share all the tools you need to engage your team and build human connection.


Because emotional Safety and Trust shapes how we work, how we perform, how leaders are viewed and ultimately, how success is measured.


This is the New Workplace Imperative.

We believe it’s time to recognize the importance of people; to acknowledge and nurture their hopes, fears, potential and ideas. We believe it’s time to start having more of those difficult conversations that surface as a result of massive change and uncertainty.

That’s why we’ve collaborated - to create an online learning and coaching course that guides you step-by-step into meaningful conversations with your team that increase engagement and trust.


It's for you if you are a leader in a corporate, professional or non-profit setting and want to create a people-first culture for yourself and those around you. You want to do more and do better. You are committed to creating an environment that supports your team and enhances your HBQ - Human Being Quotient™ - personally and professionally.


It's live and online. We start with an Orientation Session followed by four (4) bi-weekly modules. A few days after each class, you will enjoy a Group Coaching Session to help you implement what you’ve learned. You will also be part of an Online Community with your cohort so you can share experiences and learn from each other. You can expect to spend 2-4 hours per week for homework and implementation with your team.


Step-by-step how to have conversations with your team that ensure emotional safety and trust. Half science, half art; 100% essential in the new workplace environment. You'll learn how to reduce fear, increase trust, engage people and build a culture of human connection.

You'll Walk Away With:


1. A deeper understanding of the neuroscience and factors affecting the Emotional and Psychological Well-Being of your team members.

2. A step-by-step framework to facilitate those necessary but difficult conversations with your team that increase engagement and create Emotional Safety and Trust.

3. New knowledge and tools to help you safely uncover your people’s emotional state, underlying concerns and obstacles that get in the way of achieving their full potential and engagement.


Orientation And An Introduction To Emotional Safety & Trust In The Workplace. What it is, the science behind it and why a genuine, people-first perspective is the future of workplace success.

Module 1:  Discover The Emotional Gaps. Identify where your people are vs. where you think they are. Get to the heart of the matter and use your curiosity to uncover the stumbling blocks that might keep people from reaching their full potential.

Module 2:  Design Your Conversational Blueprint. Outline the steps that will create a safe environment to have meaningful conversations and establish trust. Set the stage to be confident, prepared and equipped to facilitate uncomfortable conversations.

Module 3:  Deliver Game-Changing Conversations With Your Team. Create a safe container to discuss what really matters. Demonstrate your leadership, courage and humanity. Normalize emotions and learn how empathy and curiosity can become your superpowers.

Module 4:  Done. Rinse And Repeat. Summarize and evaluate the findings. Uncover what’s getting in the way of engagement. Look for strengths and opportunities to co-create a newly imagined future.


Join a growing community of leaders who understand the power of Emotional Safety and Trust in the workplace. This online program is the collaboration of an EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) professional and a Leadership Coach.

Develop new competencies while you are supported with world-class leadership coaching. It’s entirely online as you collaborate with your facilitators and your learning community.

Experience a flexible yet structured approach. Gather information, take time to meet with your team and plan your learning around your life so you can meet bi-weekly milestones.


Fear. Pure and simple. Did you know Google conducted a five-year study of high performance teams? It's called Project Aristotle. They identified psychological safety, that is when team members feel safe enough to speak up, take risks and are willing to be vulnerable in front of each other, as the most important determining factor that sets successful teams apart. This doesn’t necessarily translate into cozy friendships, lack of accountability or an absence of pressure or problems. Rather, it creates an environment that is open enough to have difficult conversations safely without tip-toeing around the truth.

Engaged Leader


No. It's deceptively simple. Creating Emotional Safety and Trust requires leaders to be explicit about what they’re trying to do. It requires you, the leader, to be honest about your own struggles while remaining truthful, calm and compassionate. It means finding new ways to help your team stay curious and get unstuck while everyone leans into listening, learning and growing. Over time, this new way of being gets to the heart of the matter. People begin to trust and become more engaged as you cultivate a culture of commitment and care.

CEO / Workforce Development

I personally worked with Bea for professional coaching and then engaged her to work with my entire senior leadership team. Bea possesses a unique skill set - coach, analyst, cheerleader, counselor and source of inspiration - and with warmth, humor and just the right amount of nudging, fluidly transition between these roles to guide you where you need to go professionally and personally.

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